Fixing The Attitude

How easy it is to be orgulous

Because we are prone to the negative

Side of the spectrum rather than the positive

Thinking we are better than others or more

Make for an attitude that plays to our detriment

But if you are jolly and happy, accepting others

As equals and deserving of respect and courtesy

Life will become much more pleasant, enjoyable

You just need the activation of the gracious side

Of your personality and then the stats will soar

Of popularity and life became better as you

Distribute happiness and get more of it in return

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13 thoughts on “Fixing The Attitude

  1. Wow! I would thing the word “orgulous” would be the word of the day challenge – I had to look it up – never seen it before and I read a lot! Kudos to you for finding a way to use it sensibly! Great job!

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