Time to write- Sentence Starter #48 The plan

” What’s the plan?”

” Why don’t you listen to me when I am telling you things?” Jason was getting fed up with explaining things to his younger brother. They were partially hidden behind the garage wall, waiting. Sonny was like Robin to Jason’s Batman. A wingman that he really didn’t want. But to exclude him from the plan would mean that he would be telling mom everything. So he was here, standing beside Jason and getting excited.

Taking a deep calming breath, Jason went over the plan with Sonny once more. ” I hope that now you understand what is going to happen?” Sonny nodded his head with a grin on his face. ” I bet Mr Rogers will be scared out of his wits”

“Yes, if you just play your part” Jason said.

Just then the garage door opened in their neighbor’s house and the car was seen reversing out of it. As per plan Sonny ran towards the car and Mr Rogers sitting in it. He stopped the car and gave the boy a encouraging smile. Sonny pointed towards the back of the can and said, ” There is something hanging out from the boot of your car” Mr Rogers got out of the car to investigate when Jason standing behind the garage wall set the fire cracker and threw it near the car. Though Sonny knew all about the plan but he gave a loud scream and was equally startled with Mr Rogers.

The prank resulted in getting grounded for a whole week for the brothers.

The prompt;

Write a story beginning with the dialogue: “What’s the plan?”

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Time to write

Sentence Starter #48



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