Do not cage them!

How can anyone be apathetic to this

Bucolic vista that surrounds us on all sides

I would take this view any time of the day

The only thing that make me careful, are the lions

Which roam the savanna in their pride

But this is their home and I would not want

Them or any other wild animal to be shut into

Cages and put on display for our amusement

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16 thoughts on “Do not cage them!

  1. I agree with everyone’s post but…there is another side. Today’s zoos are in the saving business. There are many that go hand and hand with repopulating the animals back into their natural habitat. There are nature centers that create as much a natural habitat as possible for those who can not be turned free again due to health issues and are able to let them live out their life. One must understand the entire purpose of why animals conservation is so very important for the animal as well as the entire world.

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  2. Hey Sadje, nice piece.

    I agree with Anita, that we must also remember conservation and the role it undertakes and that has its place in today’s world and more so in this world than in previous times.. The world is destroying natural habitats and decimating the natural residents in the purge for so called progressive technology and advancement of the people. Huge companies filled with fat cats and those greedy for the green back of money care not for you, me, Anita and most assuredly not for the animals. They care about money inside their crocodile skinned wallets.

    There are now some truly wonderful global conservation centres that put animals first and not people. We are in a terrible catch 22, and we are the ones who have created this as in – societies of peoples with their demands, their consumerisms, their expectations which all exceed natural resources. So the people of this world are steadily destroying the world of animals. If not for valuable conservation centres, groups and organisations we could well lose more than we are currently losing in flora and fauna.

    Whilst there is an awful amount of controversy surrounding zoos – well managed zoos care once more for their residents more than they do their visitors. Funds are needed to ensure conservation continuence, teaching, training and education of the people.

    If we are not careful, and not wishing to be a catalyst for pessimism we may be too late on the saving and the conservation of many species already.

    Nice piece, with a beautiful sentiment Sadje ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Rory for your detailed feedback. I know there are some zoos in the developed part of the world which are doing a fantastic job of caring for the animals and even helping is propagating their population. Still in other parts of the world, they are treated like something to gawk at.

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      1. Sadly true, however the gawking is in many ways the least of the problems, poaching, hunting and mindless killing is the grater evil. The abysmal way that people treat animals has been part and parcel of our life since man first started working alongside animals – that needs to stop. But man cannot treat man with equality as it is, what hope do animals have.

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