Living in poverty

Can we even imagine the life lived in abject poverty

Bare minimal shelter for spending the night, every night

Living in the poorest district devoid of all amenities

No place to hide from the volley of harsh words and looks

The clothes dirty and ripped, shoes with holes in the soles

This is one side of the picture which is called human life

The other side is those living in luxury and wallowing

In the best that money can buy them and their families

There is nothing wrong in having a good clean life

But if we open up to those less fortunate than us

I believe that our lives would be more happy and enriched

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37 thoughts on “Living in poverty

  1. Very wise observation … yet when I’ve been in dire need it’s been other ‘poor’ people who have supported me! Those with excess are afraid to help .. maybe they fear an avalanche of requests?

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  2. I remember a conversation I had with a woman after church many years ago. The pastor at the time was from Ghana and knew first hand the abject poverty you address here. Instead of being moved by the sermon he gave she was disgruntled and didn’t like how he was “always addressing social issues”. That’s a direct quote by the way. I have never been to Ghana or to any of the developing countries, but I have read books such as Khafir Boy and City of Joy that goes into a lot of detail concerning poverty and the indifference of so many.

    “And the poor shall inherit the earth”. Why? Because they know how to share the little they have, while we, who have so much, decline to share except from our excess – the poor share from their own small amount – they have no excess anything.

    This is a good post inviting awareness. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much, Carol. Youโ€™re very right. We who have plenty are reluctant to open our hearts and those who have little are so generous with it. A lesson for us here.

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  3. No one should have to worry about where there next meal is going to come from. Psalms 72:16 is comforting. It assures us that soon there will be an abundance earth wide.

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    1. I think that that needs us humans to do something about it. It is the absolute low when not only next meal is not assured but safety of life isnโ€™t too.


  4. One day soon it will all be gone. The imperfect system we live in that is. Mankinds greed has caused these problems. Isaiah 65 is the promise made to man. That will soon take place.

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