Writing Prompt #26

Once upon a June……………

To be really frank, I am not a fan of the hot season. My favorite are the fall and spring, as I suppose are of many people around the world. But there was this June one year a long time back which I enjoyed myself very much.

It happened when I was around ten. We all went to vacation to seaside and went via train. The journey was itself a novelty as we had never spend a night on the train before. I loved sleeping in the gently moving train bunk. Though we were ( all three siblings) so excited that we hardly got any sleep.

The vacation was a fortnight long and another first was my view of the ocean. In those days there was far less, if any pollution in the seas and the beaches were clean and smelled clean too. I remember that I sat at the edge of the water, the waves would come and recede and I would feel the pull of the water but I sat there enjoying the sensation. It was such a feeling that even when we were back at the hotel, I could still feel the pull of the waves.

As a kid, we all have that wonder and open mind which makes the ordinary, unique and the extraordinary, absolutely amazing. So to my ten year old mind all the new experiences I had on that vacation are etched as amazing!

Once upon in June…… I had my first experience of seaside and I loved it.

What are your best childhood memories of family vacations?

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Writing Prompt #26

A Prompt by Sarah Elizabeth Moor


21 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #26

  1. We were never much for vacations as we couldn’t really afford it. We had a caravan holiday in 1964 or thereabouts which wasn’t much fun as it rained every day, in and out of the caravan. We had the occasional camping weekend away in a vacant field if we could find one, camping in Scotland in 1967, and I stayed with my grandfather and his wife for a fortnight in 1970.

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  2. Lovely post.

    My parents argued so much, on vacation and otherwise, that I don’t have many good memories.

    But once we went to my mom’s family in Ohio and I fed a tiny baby goat with a bottle, which was awesome. There were tiny baby kittens too. I also rode a horse!

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  3. Lovely memory. When I was a child we lived in Newfoundland on the East coast of Canada. Our house was on the crest of a hill that overlooked the bay, so you might say the ocean is in my blood, in a way. Dad moved the family to Ontario when I was 11 years old and we traveled by train to get there. It was a novel experience for me too, but after three days on the train I’d had my fill of it. LOL

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