Made a mistake?

We often beat up ourselves over the mistakes we make. It’s the most common and natural reaction. Sputtering indignant reproaches and assigning the blame fairly and squarely on ourselves. The interesting thing is that when others commit the same mistakes, we often overlook them as human error.

Why it is hard to forgive ourself? Why do we except ourselves to be perfect and not make mistakes?

Intriguing questions. I think we set a very high standard for ourself and in this search for perfection we cannot accept any failure. The origin of this idea may be traced back to our childhood when our parents and teachers try to teach us Not To Make Any Mistakes!

I think that we should accept a few starting points;

1. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.

2. The process of making errors and then correcting them is where actual learning starts.

3. Manage your reaction to your imperfections and give leeway to yourself too, same as you would give to anyone else.

4.Anyone who hasn’t ever made mistakes has had no opportunity to learn from them. This process is know as gaining experience. And experience is what ultimately enriches our life in personal and professional fields.

So go ahead, make a few mistakes so that you can learn how Not To Do thinks!

How do you react when you make an error of judgment or just a simple blooper?

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26 thoughts on “Made a mistake?

  1. It’s strange the way we tend to dwell on our mistakes. You might do a whole load of positive things, but then one thing goes wrong. Maybe it’s only something minor, but that’s what we tend to dwell on. Recognizing this is a start.

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