A self important, sanctimonious devil you are

Heaping curses on the head of other that you feel

Are inferior to you by your standards is something

I strongly resent and despise with all my heart

You can throw dust in the eyes of people temporarily

But we do have minds of our own to think with

Nobody is going to be fooled for long by this drivel

That you are spewing, while wrapping all your sins

In a clean sheet pretending to a perfect idol to be revered

( This is dedicated to all the hypocritical politicians out there)

Photo credit; Google

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35 thoughts on “Hypocrite

          1. If you mean that I am in any capacity contesting the election, then the answer is no. But I do plan to vote and every one who cares about the country should vote too. πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ


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