MLMM-Wordle # 139

1. Chill
2. Ghost
3. Shog- to shake: to jolt: to jog along
4. Repress
5. Wispy
6. Insipience- a lack of wisdom: foolishness
7. Stutter
8. Strike
9. Dark
10. Granny Smith Apples
11. Drag
12. Wet

It was dark and wet outside. The wispy ghost like fingers of the chill air were making the house feel depressing too. She was gland that the pie she had made that afternoon with Granny Smith apples had given the whole house a welcoming aroma. She shogged to the kitchen to get herself a slice of it when she stuttered to an abrupt halt. Repressing a desire to scream at her own incipience at leaving the pie uncovered, she dragged the wet cat who had climbed onto the kitchen table and just rescued it in the nick of time. Now she can enjoy it with a hot cup of chocolate to drive away this cold and damp weather.

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MLMM-Wordle # 139




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