Do we need control?

What is control?

I despise the people who try to have control over our actions and feelings. It sits very wrongly with me. I am, and everyone should be, in control of our own actions. What is needed is guidance for the children growing up. We need to empower them and teach them to be in control of their actions and feelings, specially the ephemeral ones. That usually causes them problems. How often you have to play the referee between your kids to sort out their differences. It often comes down to the way two people react in similar situations. We can either take charge of our instincts and behave as well balanced human beings or let go, creating unpleasant situations with out emotional outbursts and then later regret them.

What sort of control you have over your actions and emotions?

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16 thoughts on “Do we need control?

  1. It’s so ironic that we say, no one should have control of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors…. But, realistically, it’s the decision to abide by the general rules (ones in which are of society and we didn’t create) or not to abide by them.

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    1. You’re right. It is ironic. But trying to control the emotions and actions of others is something that I don’t agree with, as a principle. We abide by the rules of the society and not of one specific person

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  2. IMO, there’s a difference between control and guidance. While there are laws and rules to live by, our emotions shouldn’t and can’t be controlled. Emotions can be harbored but not controlled. Actions, if not appropriate should be controlled but in an educational way – learning right from wrong. Excellent post, Sadje!

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    1. Thank you so much! I agree with all you have said. The society tries to control us insidiously by setting up the standards do dressing, fashion and acceptability of views!

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