Fibbing Friday June 21

What’s the best fib you can come up with to these questions:

1. What can you make with saw dust and snow?

Caramel flavored ice lollies.

2. What did the mole say to the wart?

What are you acting so tough for?

3. Why is Atlantis lost?

It sank because the people over there were very overweight.

4. Why have Earthlings not returned to the moon?

Who told you that. Haven’t you seen the old lady on the moon?

5. Why is the Earth round?

It’s been compressed on all sides by the mass of people living on it. With around 8 billion people on it what other shape it’s going to be.

6. Why are potato chip bags always half-full?

Because…….you must have eaten half from my bag!

7. What happens to lost socks?

They go to a parallel universe, looking for their mates.

8. Why do people stub their toes on furniture?

I don’t know about others but I have big feet, extroverted so my feet have no other option but to bang the toes on the furniture.

9. Who will be the next President?

After the ” Cheeto” maybe a laying “lays”

10. Where did Trump come from?

During a dig in Russia, they found him in a prehistoric site.

11. How will Trump’s administration end?

Hopefully not in a big bang.

12. How do clouds suddenly appear in the sky?

They switch off their cloaking devices and boom, there they are as if appeared there by magic.

13. Why does the universe revolve?

Because motion is life and staying stationary is boring.

14. If Time Lords are real, then why haven’t we met any yet?

Well how can you say that you haven’t met one. Maybe your next door nosy neighbor is one!

15. What is a zombie’s favorite food?

A all brain pizza!

In response to;

Fibbing Friday June 21

A Prompt by;

Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

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