Writing Prompt #24–Father!

My father is……

No longer with us. He passed away fifteen years ago. But he is my role model.

I meant to write this post yesterday, as it was Father’s Day but other things got in the way and I felt that I cannot do justice to it if I do a hurry up job.

As I have mentioned in my blog that I lost my mom early on in my life, like when I was six. And though my father remarried, he still retained the role of a mother and father for us three siblings. He would tend to us when we were sick, or needed help with school work or studies. He was my best advisor in all matters of life. He had a great sense of humor and would tell us funny anecdotes from his own younger days. And he was a great mom! That is a funny thing to say about a man but he truly was as gentle as a mother. Specially it was important for me as I was the only daughter in the family.

I can go on and on about how wonderful he was. How well read, how kind, generous and fair to everyone. The best quality he had was his kindness and humbleness. He would be the first to admit and apologize if he was in the wrong. He would go out of his way to help others, even when they hadn’t asked for help. It is something I aspire to: To be more like him and have these wonderful qualities in my personality too.

I think the best tribute we can pay to our parents is to carry on with their good qualities and work in life.

I really miss him even now.

In response to;

Writing Prompt #24

A Prompt by; Sarah Elizabeth Moore



28 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #24–Father!

  1. Ohh, Sadje!! I am sorry for your loss (your mother early and also your father)! Very happy you had such a wonderful relationship with your Dad/Mom! This is such an awesome tribute for your Dad! I’m sure there alot of children who wish they could have had what you were blessed with in your Dad!!

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