Thursday Inspiration #8- Am I a Stranger

Photo found on Pixabay

There are times that when you look in the mirror and see a stranger. Because even we never truly know ourselves completely. It is at a time of crisis that the true nature of a person is often revealed. When we are faced with difficult and impossible choices that the inner stranger is unmasked. We think in our minds of what we are, what are our values and what direction we will take in life but do we really are what we believe ourselves to be?

It is only in the time of crisis that we know.

The prompt;

This week’s theme is stranger and the picture. Here is the song snippet from “The Stranger” written by Billy Joel in 1977:

Why were you so surprised
That you never saw the stranger
Did you ever let your lover
See the stranger in yourself

In response to;

Thursday Inspiration #8

A Prompt by: Paula



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