Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91

Just like a pizza, there could be slices of life

All having a little bit different topping on them

The part I want to revisit today is the one that

Is not a perfect one, but on the contrary quite

Painful to remember and write about even now

It embodies when the pain and darkness were waiting

To engulf my soul because of the events that occurred

There are no details that I would share but it is enough

To say that due to what happened to one of my family

We all were living in a time which gave me the most painful

Memories and I shudder to think how I ever got over them

But I did: I survived that time and got stronger for it

That is my aim today to write about a dark era in the past

As it taught me that out of pain came healing and

Acceptance from the despair, the turmoil gave me peace

It’s just to say that in life there are always moments of heartbreak

But if we live through them we are better and stronger for that!

In response to;

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #91


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