Thursday Photo Prompt—Small #writephoto

The monochrome image shows the base of a tree with a hole, like a doorway, through its base…

It would appeared small, but in reality the tree, in which it was, was huge. An aperture like a door in the massive trunk of that tree. It helped to highlight the contrast between the two sides of the scene. On my side it was dark, the tree’s bark had turned almost black with age. And on the other side it was light. The sunlight had thrown the floor of the forest into a sharp relief.

It struck me that this is how we sometimes look at life. But we at times see just one side of the picture. Either the light or the dark. Whereas life is all about the light and the dark combined. It needs a anomaly in between, to show us how there have to be two opposites to make a complete picture. We won’t know what dark is, if we hadn’t experienced light. If there was no sorrow, happiness would lose its meaning. Good is good because we know what evil is. If we go through life expecting only good or only happiness, we will be sorely disappointed. As it is not the law of the universe. We are shown both sides of the spectrum and then we get to experience them too.

So a bit of both make a balanced life!

In response to;

Thursday Photo Prompt-Choices #writephoto

A Prompt by;

Sue Vincent



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