Eclectic Taste

Food is what we all need to live. Most sensible people eat so that they can live. And then there are people like me who live so that they can eat. Pretty unwise, I would say. We have eclectic tastes in food and we shamelessly cater to them. Always tempted by something sinfully rich and decadent. If an ice cream scoop has not enough calories, we need to drizzle some syrup on it to make it more so. We would choose food with most calories and least health benefits, at least that is my first instinct. I even would like to smother my fresh fruit with whipped cream or maple syrup, or both to make it extra yummy. Upon reflection I know it’s not a good idea. In fact it is a very very bad idea because it is NOT GOOD FOR MY HEALTH! But when I go by instinct, this is where I head. I literally have to stop myself all the time from making unhealthy choices. I am trying to train my mind so that I become a sensible eater. So far, very little success.

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