MLMM-Wordle #137

1. Seize
2. Hollowness
3. Creak
4. Radiance
5. Wrinkles
6. Massive
7. Burden
8. Attribute
9. Profusion
10. Patronize
11. Prolong
12. Confinement

Seize him, the one patronizing and using a profusion of foul language. Let not his radiance of appearance, or the wrinkled clothes fool you. The attributes of a rebel are all present in his character. The hollowness of his principles, the massive amount of lies he has told to prolong his rein over the minds of innocent people has betrayed him at last. Its a wonder that his conscience is not creaking under the burden of all his lies. Put him in confinement now!

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MLMM-Wordle #137



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