BrewNSpew Café June 10/2019

How I wish I was a witty conversationalist

People would be amused with my words

Bringing about smiles and spreading joy

Being the heart and the soul of the party

If I was witty I would be the popular friend

But I would be careful not to be cynical

Not making people the butt of my witticism

That is just unkind and selfish not desirable

But as it is, I am seldom humorous, usually serious

I try to spread wisdom, not very amusing

So I wish sometimes that I was witty!

Word of the Week – witty (adjective) – showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor. synonyms – humorous, amusing, droll, funny, comical, clever, chucklesome, jocular, lively, waggish.

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BrewNSpew Café June 10/2019



27 thoughts on “BrewNSpew Café June 10/2019

  1. There is nothing wrong with being serious and wanting to spread wisdom. I feel it’s best to have a balance between those that are witty and those that are serious. We should embrace who we are and appreciate others for who they are. Thank you for your words of wisdom and sincere approach to the prompt.

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  2. I think wisdom is very important, but I think it is best in stories or in humor. It certainly isn’t taken when handed out willy-nilly. I think the comedians give us a lot in their puns. Storytellers keep the listener engaged. The recipient has to work for the gems offered. Otherwise, the ego gets involved. The receiver thinks the wise are self-important. The giver might think the taker foolish. Remember, Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

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