Writing Prompt #23-Is that a ……?

What I see in the clouds……

There was a time when the imagination ran wild. The time of my childhood when I could look up to the sky and see a million images in the clouds. If I try I can bring back that fanciful way of thinking. I would look up in the sky and see a carriage drawn by four majestic horses or maybe it’s a huge ship sailing away to find the hidden treasures in far of oceans. Or are these pink fairies dancing in the garden. Or is that a golden palm giving shade in an oasis in the desert.

There is absolutely no limit to our imagination and as children we used to use our imagination to see the wondrous and the extraordinary in the most mundane and ordinary things.

Why and when do we stop using our imagination?

I suppose it’s the growing up which kills the imaginative child in us. We want hard proof and reality check on everything that we are told. We don’t believe what we are told or even what we see with our eyes. We need proof that it is so. That is how we stop seeing beautiful creatures and amazing things in the clouds. Why we only see gray skies.

Let’s wake up the inner child with boundless imagination, sleeping in our subconscious mind. Let’s see the world through the eyes of a child who is ready to be pleased, amazed and astonished by the beauty around him!

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Writing Prompt #23

By Sarah Elizabeth Moor



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