Time To Write-Sentence Starter 47

” Tell me why did you do it?

The question was not unexpected. In fact she was dreading being asked this question since they found out what she had done. But it still threw her in confusion. She didn’t know how to say it.

It was always a struggle between her mind and heart. Her mind told her that her family was doing what they believed in. While her heart strongly objected to the way it was done. Her father was a businessman and had a sprawling financial empire. Her mom was a dedicated social worker who worked for many charities. She helped lots of unfortunate people in the city and even had a few charities working in other third world countries helping the people there.

What she found unexplainable was the constant need for publicity and media presence during the charitable work. She felt it hurt the pride of the people they were helping when the action was publicized. How embarrassing it would be to a family to be in the limelight because their son’s treatment or daughter’s education was being sponsored by her family. But her words were not headed. She was told it was good for their company’s image.

So when last week when her dad asked her to find a family who needed help with educating their children, she went ahead and found a really bright student whose dream of studying abroad in a prestigious university couldn’t be fulfilled due to lack of funds. But instead of informing her parents and their charity, she anonymously gave them the money for the boy’s educationist of her own pocket.

Now she had to come up with an acceptable answer.

The prompt;

Write a story beginning with the dialogue: “Tell me.”

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Time to write-Sentence Starter #47


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