Reena’s Exploration Challenge #90–Compromise

Do we always get what we want

There are many desires which are

Left unsatisfied, unfulfilled in life

Many an occasions we have to

Make a compromise, an adjustment

There is much fun in using a substitute

If the one we want is not available

Be adaptable, be flexible in choices

But never do compromise in important things

Like principles and people you choose to love

Not in accepting less than what is your worth

Welcome to Week 90!


The word ‘compromise’ is just a theme. It need not appear in the piece. There is no harm if it does appear, or a synonym. The choice is yours.

In response to;

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #90


35 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #90–Compromise

  1. This puts me in mind of the tune, which I cannot name at the moment as my brain just did one of its frequent freezes, but the lyrics go “We can’t always get what we want – but we get what we need”. There was no compromising on your imagination or your words.

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