Tale Weaver # 229–Reunion

The word, reunion creates a warm fuzzy feeling inside of us

Meeting someone after a long time or maybe the first time

The face we dream of looking at and are yet afraid to when time comes

The reality will be better than the expectations or will it fall short

Unable to sleep or relax because of the excitement

But when the time come our feet refuse to carry us forward

Each foot weighs a ton, hardly able to drag it off the ground

A surreal feeling traps the mind; Is it really happening

Or am I caught in a dream sequence that is on repeat

What is better?

To face the facts or keep oneself in a state of always hoping

If only I had the courage to face the unknown

The prompt;

This week consider the concept of Reunion.

It happens in all sorts of places, family reunions, school reunions, being reunited with a lost child a lost pet we experience this in all sorts of places and times.

Write about what reunion means to you, go where the prompt takes you.

In response to;

Tale Weaver 229–Reunion



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