Fandango Provocative Question #26

The question;

“Do you believe that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for these sightings, like unannounced or unauthorized drone flights or space junk falling back into the atmosphere, or do you think that the objects these pilots saw were actual UFOs?”

My answer;

There is an explanation, reasonable and logical. The thing is that mostly no one knows it, except those who have first hand encounters with these “Objects“. They could be alien ships, or simply new tech which is yet not known to the common man. These are a constant source of intriguing the human mind. Countless stories, tv programs and movies have been made on this concept. There are people who can swear to the authenticity of what they saw was not man made or was of this earth. And there are a bigger number of people who can show us the evidence to the contrary. Who would you believe?

Were there aliens in ancient times as well?

Another UFO sighting!

In response to;

Fandango Provocative Question #26



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