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Welcome to Question Fun The Twice Weekly Game!

An easy game, and more so if you love questions!  Each game has a topic, and then there are 12 questions relating to the topic – they can be visual, musical, personal, professional, topical, serious, thought provoking, fun, weird and even wacky – the questions will cover all fields and there is no structure to follow, so it could orderly one day and completely random the next time you play!

Today’s topic is ………….. A Question of Time

How often do you actually deep think of time as a concept?

Often. It is a fascinating subject. Time, for me is the fourth dimension. It gives proper perspective to everything.

When was the last time that you sat down and tried to visualise the future of the planet by 50 years? [Where are we going to be in the year 2069? Explain your thoughts]

I am too scared to. The way things are going in most countries, it bodes a disastrous outcome in the next 20 years or so. Unless the people themselves stand up and start doing something to save the planet from the extreme effects of pollution, and over use of its resources, things will be truly bad.

What time is it right now as in the time you are answering this question and where abouts are you in the world?

It’s evening here in Seattle, but I plan to post it in the morning around 8:00 am.

Tel me about a time when you stepped out of your comfort zone?

A lot of times when I travel. Going back in time doesn’t mess up the body clock as going forward does.

Last time you had a really good time was … ?

Today. Had a jolly good day with my daughter and grandson.

Quote Time!!! Display two excellent quotes on the subject of horology!

Lost time is never found again.


Time is the measurer of all things, but is itself immeasurable, and the grand discloser of all things, but is itself undisclosed.


Let the good times roll … please provide me with three song titles that are about the topic of time in your eyes?

I am very bad at remembering the lyrics of any song for more than ten minutes.

I can think of two songs that have the word TIME in them.

Remember the time by Michael Jackson

Time after time by Cindi Lauper.

Having a really good time means what in your world?

An enjoyable time! What else? What does it mean in yours?

Time to ….. what?

Reflect and remember.

Which term do you prefer more ?

Lost Time

Wasted Time

Time Spent

Time flies✔️

What do the following mean? [However DO NOT ANSWER the correct way but answer the incorrect way!]

Ahead of one’s time?

Living in yesterday.

Behind the times?

Daydreaming about tomorrow!

In the nick of time?

Oops missed the bus!

A Race against time!

Must finish this post!

Having the time of your life?

Sick and in bed with a bad case of flu!

Bide your time?

Come out all guns blazing.

Bad time for you?

Oh, do come in. I was just going to sleep.

Having time on your hands?

I should have done this yesterday.

All in good time?

Please hurry, I have a train to catch.

A Matter of time?

No idea! Chose something from the phases above.

Can you write a small story on the subject of Time and the Giraffe?

Once upon a time a Giraffe was late for his appointment with the local witch doctor. He hurried over the jungle to get to the witch doctor’s hut but in his hurry his neck got entangled in the tree branches. He cried for help and a hyena nearby agreed to help him if he was promised whatever the Giraffe was to get on the end of the trip. The agreement was made and the poor Giraffe was set free, however the hyena accompanied him to the witch doctor to get his share of goodies. When they arrived there, the guy was very angry as a lot of time had been wasted due to the tardiness of the Giraffe. He immediately started to cast a spell on him, but the Giraffe told him to divert the spell on to the hyena as per promise.

The hyena was changed into a clock.

( At this moment, I cannot think of any other ending to this story 😜)

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