June Writing Prompt- 1st June

The screen flickered and then he was gone. She checked her internet connection and tried to reconnect but nothing happened. The screen remained blank. It was as if her phone had died. In panic she tried calling her mother and thankfully the call went through. Though she had a bit of difficulty in explaining to her mom why she was calling her in the middle of the night.

But it was a perplexing issue. One moment she was on Skype with her boyfriend and the next, nothing! She hoped nothing had happened to his phone. She tried to make a phone call to him but it didn’t even ring on the other side. What was going on! Now Shelly was getting worried. She opened her window to look outside to see if there was a thunder storm brewing as sometimes you lost the phone signal due to the electrical activity.

What she saw outside was enough to drive her screaming to her bedroom, in a bid to save herself.

In response to;

June Writing Prompt by ~M

June 1st


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