Self care is so very important

I started this draft when I started my blog, almost eight months ago. This post and many others on similar topics are sitting in my draft folder. So now I am going to set them free!

Why self care?

And what I mean by self care?

By self care I mean taking care of the body and mind that houses your soul.

We can go without food for a few days and without water a couple of days so we are very particular about feeding ourselves and hydrating our bodies.This all is instinctive. And a very few people need to be reminded about eating food or drinking enough water to hydrate themselves.

Then when we are young, looks are very important for our self esteem so we spend time money and effort to look good. This too, at that age is an inborn instinct. Maybe a survival instinct as we need to find mates and propagate the human race.

So at our prime, that is the age when we have everything going for us, we are very good at looking after our bodies.

The issues or you may call it a problem arises when we start to age and at that time lose interest in maintaining our looks and/or good physical and emotional health.

Physical health

Taking care of our nutrition and getting in enough vitamins can be enough to maintain good physical health. There are some special needs for our bodies as we age.

Calcium ; Sources are milk, dairy, fish, almonds and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamins D; Sunlight, enriched butter , eggs and supplements.

Vitamin B; Meat, whole grain, eggs and dairy

Iron and folic acid; Red meat, fruits like apples, pomegranate, green vegetables, almonds

Fiber; Whole grains, lentils, beans, vegetables etc

I will write separately about the dietary requirements as it needs to be explained properly.

Emotional health

Looking after our emotional well-being because more important as we age because there are chances of going into depression with increasing age. We are feeling poorly due to health issues and that contributes towards a decline in mental robustness.

I have written a post about maintaining mental health before but I will write about it in detail again later, as this is a comprehensive topic and needs more attention.

Self grooming

Grooming plays a very important role in lifting up our self confidence and gives a boost to our morale. As we age we loose color, from our hair, skin lips etc. Some people find it distasteful to color their hair and prefer to let nature take its course. For some dying hair is not a possibility due to allergy to hair dye. Whatever the reason, if you prefer your hair that way, it your choice.

But use cosmetics to give some color to your lips and face. It does wonders for our morale. Get a manicure or pedicure for a little pampering. Or you can do it at home, yourself. The point I am trying to make is that we should spend some time on self-care and pampering. It has tremendous psychological benefits.

I have been through the stage where I gave up doing things like self grooming for myself and noticed a mark decline in my mood. So I have a monthly ritual where I get my roots re-touched and get a menicure and pedicure. Sometimes a facial too. Believe me, it does makes a huge difference in how I feel towards myself and others too.

This is a very short post where I have just highlighted the main issues.

I will be writing more on them

Meanwhile, please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments




51 thoughts on “Self care is so very important

  1. Good stuff Sadje. It’s only over the past twenty years or so that I have really looked at my diet, what I eat and how I cook it. I’ve never been one for makeup, and haven’t worn any for years. I am lucky that, like my Mum, I have good skin. Never followed fashion either, but do like to look smart and tidy if I’m going somewhere. I don’t own a lot of clothes anyway. For my 60th birthday and our silver anniversary, Hubby and I had a night in a hotel with a huge bath, plenty of bubbles and a rubber duck. I felt like a million bucks, even if I was all pruny, after a luxurious soak. Bliss!

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  2. I agree with everything. And I feel that is what my mom is missing. She doesn’t see a need for self grooming and it has caused her to be depress. Although, she doesn’t want to admit it. But it’s causing her to keep her mind on being old, instead of embracing her youthfulness and find joy in life.
    The best I can do is encourage her and pray over her.
    Side note: I’m curious where do you go to get β€œmen and pedicure”? I’d love to know. πŸ˜†

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    1. Men can get pedicures just like women. But when I started my blog, I meant to address the issues women over 50 are facing, so it’s basically addressed to women 😍😍😜

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        1. Okay, my bad. It was a typo. I meant to write β€œmeni” and pedicure but the autocorrect changed it to men. LolπŸ˜‚ pretty funny if one reads it that way. Thanks for pointing it out. Much obliged.

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    1. I know that with the restrains on your time you are unable to look after your own health, mental, physical or emotional. But for your son’s sake you should get more serious about self care. I have a young friend who is a single mom, living away from family who is so conscious about her health because she wants to be a 100% there for her child.

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