Difficult Circumstances

It’s no contest

Born to a family who is spendthrift

Life was very difficult to manage as it was

But with a view to make things better, who would you change

Change the outlook of the people in your family or yourself

Change your earning capacity or increase your savings

Or maybe just look at things differently altogether

Not mourn the loss of what was

But revel in what you have

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word prompt;


Word of the day challenge;









26 thoughts on “Difficult Circumstances

  1. sometimes we may get caught in a cycle of unhealthy spending. i advocate sticking to a plan for an amount of time to really see its effectiveness, most people give up. we can really love with less if we are just focused on what we need not want. a good piece Sadje, supports how i look at life. thank you

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