Tale Weaver #225–Reflections May 30

Have you ever noticed that when we see a reflection, it not as bright as the original. That’s how we tell them apart. Reflecting on life is the same. We can remember the events but cannot capture the true intensity of what happened afterwards.

We tend to give our own color to our memories. It could be brighter or it could be dimmer than what the original was. Some memories are so precious and happy that unknowingly we add lot more gaiety and charm to them in our minds. So is the same when we reflect upon a dark or tragic event in the past. With each recollection it gets darker and darker till we cannot bear to look back.

This is the very same reason that memory of a specific event, when seen through the eyes of different people can be widely different. As humans we have the inherent tendency to look back with nostalgia on the “good old days“. We would tell stories of how much better it was than and how things have deteriorated with time. All interesting quirks of our minds.

Reflect on past but don’t dwell there. Don’t have regrets for things that were lost but be grateful that we had them for a while. Learn from mistakes but don’t let them define who you are.

The prompt;

This week consider the concept of reflection. In a physical sense it happens when we look in the mirror, or when we see our reflection in shop windows as we pass by. Both can be equally scary!!

But reflection can also be an internal process where we consider past and or present events in our lives and evaluate the impact, if any, they had on us, albeit character building or just life experience.

In response to ;

MLMM Tale Weaver# 225. May 30-Reflection




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