Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #15

In the wilderness the only place that was alive was that last stop gas station. They were happy to find it there as the car was getting low on the gas and the kids wanted to use the rest room. Mike stopped the car and got out. He told Mandy to take the kids to the rest room while he filled up the tank. It was just a few minutes later that he saw both the kids and Mandy running out of the place, an identical expression of horror on their faces. Mandy shouted to him to start the car as they had to get out. “Hurry “she shouted again. Mike didn’t wait to question them, but got the doors open and the engine running. They jumped in the car and urged him to drive as fast as he could.

When they were a couple of miles away, he asked the reason for this hurried departure. ” What happened in there?” Everyone started talking at the same time and it was difficult to make sense of anything. Realizing this, Mandy silenced the kids and told him the whole story.

As they had approached the rest rooms, a strange looking creature came out of the building and started sniffing them, much like a dog. “But it wasn’t one”,piped in Peter. “It had big fangs and huge claws” “So what happened then?”Asked Mike. “Well we were so frightened that we ran straight for the car and here we are” said Mandy.

Back at the service station, the owner and his brother were rolling on the floor with laughter. “You should have seen their faces, Ernie. This Halloween werewolf costume sure was a great buy”

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Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #15



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