What do you see May 28/19

The box sat on the table, unopened. It has been sitting here for some time now. Molly got it for her birthday and it’s a gift from her eldest son, Emanuel.

Why hasn’t it been opened yet?

Family and friends ask this question.

Molly just smiles her slightly mischievous smile and shakes her head in reply.

Intriguing, one would say.

Justin, Molly’s husband knows the reason. He would let you on the secret if you ask him. Obviously somewhere Molly cannot listen in.

She knows it’s a perfume which Emanuel and his wife had sent to her on her birthday. And it is one of her favorite one. But it arrived a day too late. So she hasn’t opened it because it wasn’t her birthday that day. She plans to open it on her next birthday. She takes things a little too literally you see and on the box it said, ” please open it on your birthday”!

In response to;

What do you see May 28/2019

A prompt by Hélène Valiant



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