Broken Silence

The silence was broken by the falling of a glass

It resonated through out the room in echoes

Without a backward glance he bent to pick

The broken pieces of it, carefully gathering up

Each shard of the glass and made a pile of them

Each piece representing the broken ego that

He so prided himself on through out his life

Now just a few words from his father had

Set a series of thoughts in his mind that

Like sparks running through a fuse wire had lit

The big boom, that broke his ego and personality

It was a little thing that he said, his father

But in front of the whole family he was embarrassed

And the father, he is looking inwards too

Cursing his tongue which uttered those words

Word he wished unsaid as soon as he spoke them

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20 thoughts on “Broken Silence

  1. Not sure if this is pure fiction or based on actual events, but if based on real events, I’m so sorry that it happened and hope that they are able to move beyond and maybe father in-law learns something from it.

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    1. Itโ€™s something that I have seen happen to people in actual life, though not to me. What I feel is that relationships can be destroyed by a few thoughtless words. Thanks

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