MLMM- Wordle # 135

The pain in her eye socket was driving Mary crazy. Besides the atmosphere around the house was toxic, due to another fight between her two brothers. All in all it promised to be a bad day. She could bemoan about her problems or could get her lethargic self to work and try to sculpture some order into her life. It was a challenge already. Her instinct was to close her painful eyes and burrow beneath the pillow, but she had promised to be at work today. She glanced at the clock on the bedroom wall and was going to get up when she was startled by a whoosh, which preceded the sudden explosion and her bedroom door was burst open. And to her amazement a white rabbit in a tux tootles in. ” You have 24 hours to complete the task I am going to give you” he said in a very squeaky voice. Mary couldn’t believe her eyes or ears for that matter and after drawing a deep breath said to the rabbit ” If you think this is a great joke than I would categorize you as a fool. Who are you and what are you playing at?” The rabbit looked offended or maybe he was hurt, Mary wasn’t very sure as she couldn’t see properly due to the pain in her eyes. He, the rabbit straightened himself up to his full height and said in a authoritarian manner ” Are you not Mary, the assistant receptionist at the dental clinic?” Your boss has asked me to take you to my home where you will perform a survey of our dental problems and report back to him. Now hop hop you have just one day” with that he wooshed out of the room, leaving her staring open mouthed after him.

The prompt;

1. Eye Socket✔️
2. Atmosphere
3. Sculpture
4. Bemoan
5. Whoosh
6. 24 hours
7. Glance
8. Lethargic
9. Instinct
10. Categorize
11. Draw
12. Tootle (v))make a series of sounds by blowing a horn, trumpet, or similar instrument: travel or go in a leisurely way) or (n)) an act or sound of blowing a horn, trumpet, or similar instrument: a leisurely journey)

In response to;

MLMM- Wordle #135




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