Sunday Writing Prompt #21

The only thing growing in my garden is……

What we plant is what grows in our garden. Plant flowers and we will have a place full of fragrance and color. Plant herbs and vegetables and we will be able to eat off them for some time. Plant weeds, bramble and bushes you will see a desolate place.

This is true for life too. When we sow happiness, we reap it too. Spread seeds of discontent and that’s what you’re going to get back. The adage ” What you sow you shall reap” is not just mere words but a true to life fact. There are many ways to tell this truth but however we may phrase it, we do get what back we put in.

So grow happy thoughts and that is what you will reap. Be kind and you will find kindness in strangers. Be generous and that’s what will come back to you. For every good we do, it multiplies and returns in ways we haven’t visualized.

The same is true if we spread misery and unhappiness in life. We will get that back. But as with happiness, we get it back with interest, misery come back in equal to what we spread. Be ungrateful and there will be happenings that will give us cause to grumble more. And if we are grateful, we will get more things to be appreciative of.

So grow good things in your garden.

Invite happiness to reside there.

Enrich the soil of your life with gratitude.

What grows in your garden?

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Sunday Writing Prompt #21

By Sarah Elizabeth Moor


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