Reena’s Exploration Challenge #88

Since I am not coming up with anything new, I am going to tell you all about an event that happened around six weeks ago in our family.

The birth of my grand children. Two of them, born to my daughter and daughter in law within a span of two days! Isn’t that amazing. A co-incident that is hard to recreate. The births were originally supposed to be two weeks apart, but as is the way of nature, the babies arrived just two days apart.

It almost felt like we had twins in the house. Two of them crying almost simultaneously, needing to be picked up simultaneously and changed simultaneously. It is true that I was just the grandmother providing logistic support but still quite an unusual situation.

So we enjoyed the two bundles of babiness joy and marveled at the timings of Mother Nature!


This week’s prompt moves around two points

1. A sudden event that feels magical in its impact

2. Significance of numbers or any superstition if you find it interesting

Write a poem or story or anecdote about a character or event with one of the above two themes reflecting in it. If you can combine both, go ahead. It can be about an argument, wishful thinking, a battle of logic, a fight against ingrained beliefs, the battle of Copernicus, a dream coming true, a nightmare that never occurs in real life but scares you out of wits … absolutely anything that is surreal or mystical and difficult to explain.

Not easy? But not so tough either… I would love to see whatyou come up with.

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Reena’s Exploration Challenge #88



21 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #88

  1. We had the same occurrence many years ago when my brother’s daughter and my sister’s daughter were born two days apart. It was unusual, but fun, despite the simultaneous crying. Congratulations, belated though they may be.

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