Age versus youth

It hit me suddenly, the nostalgic feeling

While I was sitting out in my garden thinking

How I used to putter around and tended to it

The things I could do when I was younger and fit

Oh, could I return to those days of youth when

We are fit, agile and full of vitality and energy

Then another thought struck me, convincing me

I am better for being this age that I am now though

There are things that I wish I could still perform

Yet,I have reached the age of wisdom and maturity

Things which were cause of anguish and jealousy

Aren’t that important for me now that I have seen

How little they mattered in the larger scheme of life

I have lost the energy of youth but gained the insight

That only living long enough brings to make us realize

That it’s not what you have that matters in life

But how you use what you are given, that does

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26 thoughts on “Age versus youth

      1. Welcome. Knowledge is power, but experience is better. And honestly, at any age we can be mature. It all depends on our experiences, they shape the way we perceive life. They form what our reality is.

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        1. That’s true. The youth is more sensitive to what others think of them. As we age we develop a resilient and thicker skin, so somethings become easier. Otherwise wisdom is not the prerogative of age. One can be wise at any age or foolish at any age!

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