Stream of Consciousness Saturday May 25-2019

Taking a rosy view of life makes it cosy. When we look at thing from a optimistic point of view and find everything is “Awesome” What else would be better in life?

Some people think that it is simplistic view of life and all its complications.

But why make life complicated?

Take things at you best optimist self and don’t go looking for trouble.

Things will get complicated if we are too nosy.

Aside from jokes, life can be how we look at it. Some people are incurable optimistic and would find the silver lining in most situations. I say that life is what it is. Don’t fight it, accept it and go from there. The ever pessimistic won’t find any joy in life. They will be looking for bad things to happen to them, even when there are all the reasons in the world to be happy.

So go on, take out those rose tinted glasses and see a rosy view of life around you!

The prompt;

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rhymes with rosy.” Find a word that rhymes with “rosy” or use the word “rosy” and base your post on it. Enjoy!

In response to;

A prompt by ;

Linda G Hill

Stream of Consciousness Saturday May 25-2019



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