I think I am all caught up!

So it was a hiatus of almost two days. I traveled, slept off my fatigue and got settled in. I was , along the way, able to reply to some comments and check my reader. But as Fandango has often complained, I lost a big chunk of posts from my reader when I tried to catch up on the blogs I follow after more than 24 hours. They just weren’t there!

Anyway I have tried to answer the comments, and read the posts ( the ones I could find) and comment on them. But I am sure I have missed out on a lot of them and my apologies on it. Will try to remain up to date from now on.

Meanwhile, having a wonderful time with my daughter and grandson.


16 thoughts on “I think I am all caught up!

  1. โค You are an amazing blogger Sadje…and so good at commenting on the posts of other bloggers. But you must never worry about what you can't do…just enjoy what you can do. I am sure that all would agree with me, we are so glad you are blogging, you make a huge contribution to the lovely blogging community on WordPress. โค
    But you must always make sure you are enjoying your life eat, play, rest … as well as all the work you put in to blogging. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks a lot Mel for your beautiful words. I love blogging and I am becoming a bit obsessed with it. Youโ€™re right, I must let not interfere with my enjoyment of life. But I do enjoy it so!

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