A weighty issue

In my tag line I have mentioned obesity. I have been at war( regular armed warfare!!!) with the weighing scale most of my life. Being a chubby and cute baby really didn’t help me when I grew up into a teenager. My weight would fluctuate a lot. I would gain weight and after some effort, would get it off but not for long. This continued till my marriage and first pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I put on a whooping 60 pounds.This yo-yo’ing went on for a lot of years till , finally at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

I thought that now , at last, my weight troubles are over! Well not exactly! I did loose about 35 pounds after the start of treatment but not for long. Apparently, people with hypothyroidism have a tough time taking and keeping the weight off.

I tried Atkins diet, low-fat high carb diet, southern beach diet and any number of variations of these and many other diets. The result was more weight fluctuations and very little satisfaction.

So, where am I now heading? I have not given up. No sir! I mean to keep on trying to lose this excess weight , not because I want to just look good( BTW, who doesn’t), but now it’s a matter of being healthy.                                                                                                                                       appetite apple close up delicious

So the battle continues!

Till then , please like and comment

I have reposted this blog.





45 thoughts on “A weighty issue

  1. I love the updated version of your blog.
    You are not alone in your struggle with weight loss. Myself included, millions of people are doing battle with it.
    What is commendable is that you are so persistent, you never get discouraged and you give other people renewed hope.

    Waiting for weight loss tips in the future.

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    1. Yes, it is definitely the end goal. When are was younger, I would think that I would look better if I lost weight. I still have that thought at the back of my mind but basic motivation is now to have a good health.

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  2. Keep positive. I find that thinking about it too much tends to bring on stress.
    Whatever works for you is usually the best approach,
    Thanks for sharing your weight journey.

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  3. Carbs turn to sugar=fat in body. Search for low carb replacements (pancakes, bread,etc.) in your diet and watch the burn kick in. Eat real protein-not powdered and let your body health itself. Check out Dr. Eric Berg (YT) for your thyroid issue. The body responds to what it is given…too many oxalates and it goes haywire.

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  4. I’ve recently switched to a mostly gluten free diet. You would think giving up all that wheat-based stuff would make me lose weight quickly, but the trouble is that the grains/starches you can replace them with (rice, corn, potato, etc.) actually are less filling than whole grain wheat, so it can make you hungrier and make you eat more. I guess I really need to try to stick to lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, but that is hard cause I love the carbs.

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  5. I was in third grade when my mother put me on my first diet… I understand the weight issue. I also followed my mom and had wight loss surgery… I had to put on about 8 lbs to qualify, east peasy- hello lunch atMcDonalds everyday. Then you have to go on Atkins and loose 15 so they know your serious… AND stop smoking, I was an avid pack and 1/2 gal. When you quit smoking you gain weight, not because you eat more but the cigarettes kill fat cells (among other things!) anyway, the struggle is real. The easiest thing to do… just increase your water intake. I have more advice but that’s the last thing you need. You know your body. I’m on your side!😊

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  6. You know where I am on this Sadje! It is a never ending battle, and my weight has yoyoed too. At least I am nowhere near the 18 and a half stone I was in 2001, but I’m still heavier than I’d like to be.
    Everyone is different, and what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Drinking plenty of water (not the flavoured kind) keeps you hydrated and if you have a glass before a meal, can actually make you less hungry. Some people chew gum. The smaller plates gives the illusion of more food, there are just so many ideas!
    Hopefully some of the pics I post will give you some ideas as to meals without too many calories. With Slimming World, you don’t count them anyway.

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      1. I hope it helps. I’m no expert and can only go by personal experience, but I’ve tried liquid diets, fad diets, pills, ‘toffee’ appetite suppressors, salads only (ended up heavier than when I started on that one as I retained the water!!!!) Good luck .

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  7. Weight loss is difficult for everyone, but adding a health issue like hypothyroidism to the mix definitely makes it more challenging. Regardless what path you choose, I am so happy you are doing it for you. You give out a lot of love here on WordPress, so I like hearing you’re giving some to yourself as well. 💜

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    1. Thanks a lot Kamber. I appreciate your feedback
      It is very challenging to be at it all the time. So sometimes I do take a break. Though I am not happy even than as there is an inherent guilt in my mind about not eating as I should.


      1. I think we all feel like that sometimes. I have been prioritizing some house projects over my health routine lately and really feel the guilt too. I think “only for a couple days” and it’s been two weeks. Oops. 😊

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          1. Perhaps that is what helps. I eat healthy, whole foods, not diet. So while I haven’t done a traditional workout in two weeks, I still feel pretty healthy overall.

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