Writing Prompt #20

I am allergic to…….

There are two types of allergies, physical and mental.

I have a lot of allergies of the physical kind.

Pollen, dust, some medicines and changing weather. These usually give me a blistering headache, sneezing fits and hives too. All this can usually be controlled by using antihistamines. My usual routine is to take them every night most days.

Then there are things that cause a severe mental reaction. These are mental allergens. And they usually have no other cure but to move away from the offending article. For me these are the fake people! There are other types of things which cause a reaction but fake people head the list.

What are fake people?

People who pretend. People who are not what they show themselves to be. The hypocrites! I cannot stand to be in their company for more that a few minutes, at least not voluntarily. They are the ones who would speak for the downtrodden and unfortunate people of the society, but would be among those who exploit the very same people. They would talk of equality but when it comes to their interests, the principles go out of the window. If they want something from you, they are the sweetest and most considerate friend and when you are no longer of any use to them, they can give you the time of the day.

There are many other types of bad character traits which I find difficult to abide by, like liars, cheaters, criminals but hypocrites take the cake as they pretend to be better than what they are.

What are you allergic to?

Share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.


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Writing Prompt #20

A Prompt by Sarah Elizabeth Moore

22 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #20

  1. Wonderfully stated! (About the character of a person, that is). I can’t stand people who are fake either. I try to see the good in everyone, but if I am lied to, or treated poorly for no reason at all… The End.
    Hope your allergies ease up for you. I’m feeling them pretty bad myself. LOL! I’m actually sneezing like a fool right now.

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  2. You do have allergies Sadje!

    I understand how you feel about people. I kind of look at people who provoke me as people who are a work in progress – they are not there yet, they probably have a long way to go. But I hope one day they will become a very beautiful specimen of a human being, and I will be proud that they are part of this wonderful human family.

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