Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #14–The break in

Nobody heard anything during the night. But when they got up in the morning, the window was broken in in the guest bed. The room was in a disarray. The cupboard stood open and everything inside was thrown haphazardly on the bed or the floor.

We checked if anything was missing. It took a while because it was the spare room and anything we didn’t need got stored here. At the end of a couple of hours, we reached the conclusion that whoever came to rob us, went away without anything. But why……

We traced our movements from last night and my husband recalled that he had gotten up at midnight to get something from the fridge. That must have spooked the would be thief! He/ she must have fled when they realized that someone was up and moving about in the house. It made many things clear.

a. It is good to snack at midnight. It scares the house- breakers.

b. They weren’t hardy criminals. Easily scared into abandoning their mission made them seem amateurs.

c. We should have more security for the house.

Though this is written in response to this photo prompt, it actually happened to us a long time ago. We had a lucky break and nothing was taken and nobody was harmed. The sequence of events was very much the same as I described.

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Fandango Flash Fiction Challenge #14



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