Tale Weaver #223–Search May 16/19

I have a belief.

That people belonging to the Zodiac sign, Libra cannot find something which is under their noses.

This is a …. fact. Verified by the many people belonging to this sign. I have family members and close friends who are Libras and they ALL exhibit this remarkable quality.

If you tell them where something is, they won’t find it. If you give detailed instructions as how to find it, they won’t. Even if you draw a map and give it to them, they …… won’t find it.

It not that they are any less intelligent then others, or they are shortsighted. Nopes!

They just can’t find lost, misplaced or even things which are right in front of their noses, literally!

I have met many people from this Sun Sign and they all are like that. Some even admit to it. Other won’t but if you put it to test, I will be proved right.

So they will search for something for ages, which is laying there right in front of them.

Interesting, isn’t it.

In response to;

MLMM-Tale Weaver #223-Search

The prompt;

We all spend times in our lives searching for something be it, love, the way home, the past, the list goes on.

The task this week is to weave a tale in which ‘search’ features. Go where the prompt takes you and have fun.




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