Writing Prompt #19

Mothers are like flowers because…..

They give off this unique perfume called mothers love. I have seen this with my own children and am now seeing this with my grand babies that how even at one month old, these babies can distinguish the smell of their mothers. It’s so heart touching when the mom picks up the baby, they recognize her by her aroma and at first quieten down and then start searching for milk.

Mother’s love seeps out from her pores and permeates her being with the beautiful perfume that is unique to every mom. Every baby recognizes the aroma of his/ her mother and can differentiate it from any other instantly. I guess we also used to recognize our moms by their perfume but as a long time has passed, we have forgotten what it smelled like.

But to put it simply, a mother would give off the fragrance of motherhood, with equal amounts of love mixed in with selfless devotion and care to the exclusion of everything else. That’s why mothers are like flowers!

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Writing Prompt #19

By Sarah Elizabeth Moor


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