Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles May 12/19

Sitting under the shade of ever spreading branches

I contemplate life and where we are standing today

The ground under me is firm and fertile with love

The tree giving me shade is extending up to the sky

The Mother Earth is ever so generous with her gifts

Are we equally kind and thoughtful with our return

Do we think enough and do enough for our mother

Or like our blood mother we take this one for granted too

Do we just take and then take some more from her

Giving empty promises in return, soon to be forgotten

Do we care enough?

The prompt;

Welcome to Kira’s weekly inspirational art piece.

Let the whole picture tell you a story, or dive into the small intricate details to make one up! Write a poem, a fiction piece or come up with a picture or drawing of your own, that you feel relates to it.

Feel free to copy Kira’s drawing, to add it to your own post!

In response to;

Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles May 12/19



9 thoughts on “Kiara’s Sunday Scribbles May 12/19

  1. This is a brilliant piece! Absolutely love! I would love to share it on a site where I share posts from other bloggers, all types of posts. Would that be ok? I only share it, the readers come directly back to your site to comment and such…

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