Tale Weaver #222- Opportunities of old age- May 9 -I am (not) old

I am not old. This is what I tell myself. I have lot of useful years left in me!

There are two things which are of vital importance as we grow old(er). Health and morale. One without the other can make you unhappy or blue. Others may not agree with me , but I think that if one is in a reasonable good health with adequate finances, we are indeed in a golden age when we reach old age. Why? You may say…

I am now 57, going to be 58 this November and I feel that now I am doing the second round in life. The first one was when I grew up, got married and raised my kids. Now having done that, I am helping raise my grand kids and looking after my own health and that of my husband and family. I want to make most of my second round.

The way I look at it, we have done what we started out to achieve in life. The goals may not have been fulfilled exactly as we wished but we have been there and are now past that stage. The family obligations are taken care of mostly. We now have ample time to enjoy the rest of our lives. We don’t have too many requirements at this stage, food and amenity wise. The desire to buy stuff, to own things has also passed away for most of us. This is the bonus round. Sit , relax, read, go for a walk or if can afford it, a cruise. Play with your grand children and offer to babysit them if you live in the same city.

Make the best of this golden opportunity!

The prompt:

As we age we are confronted by challenges that make us take stock of who we are.

Our health becomes a problem, we live on drugs prescribed by well meaning doctors, we slow down, we watch those around us suffer from one debilitating disease after another and we learn to live on the pension.

My question this week is to task you in creating a tale about the opportunities/or not old age presents to you.

If you do not consider yourself in the ‘old age’ category of life then you may imagine or write about the second childhood you anticipate you will be living into the future.

MLMM- Tale Weaver # 222–Opportunities of old age



10 thoughts on “Tale Weaver #222- Opportunities of old age- May 9 -I am (not) old

  1. I can relate. I remember when I was a kid the age of 50 sounded ancient. Now that I am here it isn’t ancient after all. Age is a matter of mind if you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.

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