Thursday Photo Prompt—Rooted # Writephoto- A holy tree

Sue Vincent has given us this picture prompt for the week;

Use the image below as inspiration to create a post on your own blog… poetry, prose, humour… light or dark, whatever you choose, by noon (GMT)  Wednesday 15th May  and link back to this post with a pingback to be included in the round-up.  There is no word limit and no style requirements, except to keep it fairly family friendly.

For visually challenged writers, the image shows the spreading filigree of tree roots beneath a green canopy, with brightly coloured objects tied to the branches.

The holy tree

A lot of uninformed and superstitious people come here every day, to ask this magnificent tree for its blessings. They would tie ribbons or pieces of colored string on the exposed roots or branches. Each indicating a prayer and a promise. People thought that this unusual tree, known locally as the holy tree had many gifts and powers. This belief was as old as the tree itself, which was at least a couple of centuries old. Just looking at the amazing network of external roots which interconnected the two limbs of the tree gave one the idea of how deep rooted it was. Thriving here for so many years, it had accumulated the power of Mother Earth. The locals asked it for rain to save the dying crops or for fertility for a childless couple. According to them there was little that this tree could not do. You just had to have faith and believe that your prayers will be answered.

I wonder sometimes……

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Thursdays Photo Prompt- Rooted



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