Reena’s Exploration Challenge #86–

They say that it is bleeding edge if it is something new and untested. Previously it was the cutting edge. Why people equate the latest in the technology with something which indicates bloodshed and harm? It must have some deep psychological connection.

The technology is not always useful. It can cause harm too. When someone discovers a new way to perform a function, there is a lot of hype about it. It’s advantages are extolled and the virtues are enumerated. After using this for some time, we discover all the disadvantages of the latest tech. Now back to the drawing board to come up with another Fantastic idea. This is the name of the game.

So I guess, bleeding edge technology would signify that if you are not careful while using it, you can bleed your heart out! Well jokes aside, we should be careful while embracing newest and fresh off the scientific lab techs, as anything that has not been adequately tested can be a potential hazard.

In response to;

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #86


This week’s prompt consists of two words –


The dictionary meaning is

the very forefront of technological development.

However, I can visualize many more applications of the word. Go where your imagination takes you.



11 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge #86–

  1. First thing I thought of as I read this was the term, Cut Throat. i think in the cut throat society in which we live, bleeding edge might be a more apt term than we want to imagine. Great write Sadje..

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  2. I watched a netflix documentary about this very thing. They were using cobalt laden material for hip replacements and the patients started showing all kinds of horrible side effects. If a doctor hadn’t been one of the people who had a hip replacement and started getting the side effects and looking deeper, many more would have been hurt. Another thing the documentary showed is that the patient has an assumption that the things being put into their body have been tested and found to be safe and that the doctor also has that assumption. WRONG. The whole process of testing biomedical equipment and devices has been corrupted. I would advise anyone thinking about any procedure that involves devices or objects put into their bodies to do thorough research on it first. Sorry to go on and on in this comment.

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