Ambiguous words

Ambiguous words carry no bite

Say what you want clear and concise

The meaning should be apparent to all

The ifs, buts and maybes can put a question mark

On the meaning of the whole conversation

Raise a few eyebrows if it could mean something not intended

Don’t put your words in the crosshairs of controversy

Avoid the double entendres and dubiousness if you can

State the obvious with a clarity and use your words wisely

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33 thoughts on “Ambiguous words

  1. Great advice & very applicable to every professional fields and even in relationships.
    I know someone that is notorious for being purposefully ambiguous with words. Can be very annoying when at the receiving end. Because there’s no telling what they mean.
    Ambiguity does no good when a point is to be passed across.

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  2. There is a lot of wisdom in the words of your post!! Very true most of the time, But? It does take some of the fun out of certain personal situations when there is still a bit of uncertainty? It is not fair in most situations to try and have people – “Mean what you know”.

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    1. Yes sometimes we don’t want to be totally frank and upfront with our words then we use evasive language and give hints. But mostly it pays to be direct and clear. Thanks for sharing your feedback

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