The Sunday Whirl

Wordle #402

She oozed charm. And she had a lot of admirers. They would sigh and try to win her favor, but she never showed her hand. They could sense that she liked them but love… no one was sure whom she loved. Anyone who would sing her praises or dust a seat for her to sit on would be rewarded by a beautiful smile and a pretty thank you. But nothing more than that. You could fly to the moon and bring her a piece of it or float to the space waxing lyrics to her beauty, but it had no effect on her. She was an orphan, raised in the city by her widowed aunt. Her aunt had stifled her affections and now there was no window in her soul for this emotion. There was no genuine love, that was her belief. That there was something off in her personality, no one was to know. So they all tried to woo her.

In response to;

The Sunday Whirl

Wordle 402



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