MLMM- Sunday Writing Prompt “New Arrivals”

Recently my family has been looking into buying a pet. I have contacted a breeder about a kitten and we have paid a fee to reserve her. It will be several weeks before she is old enough to take home. I can’t wait! I am also terrified because I have never adopted a cat in Sweden and I don’t know all the rules (in fact I have never really adopted a cat, the cats I had in childhood all just found their way to us). For this post I want you to write about new arrivals it can be a baby, a pet, goods in a store, arrivals in an airport whatever you like!

A new Arrival

I have written about it before as well. Two new grandkids arrived in the month of April. What a wonderful blessing and quite a coincidence, their birth being just two days apart. We were very excited about them coming and thought that we were well prepared. But the reality was a bit different.

It has been nine years since the birth of my first grandson, in 2010. So I was a bit rusty and the moms to be were both having their first kid each so no experience there. It was a first baby for my younger daughter and same for my daughter in law.

What I had forgotten were the nights when it feels that you have hardly slept at all. The babies developing colic and crying in a way that breaks your heart. Or they just decide to cry for no reason at all.

There are moments when they are peaceful and sleeping like angels and then you feel so much love that it oozes of you. And then there are times when they cry. Everyone panics and we try to sooth them, quieten their crying and it strikes home that raising kids is THE most difficult job.

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Sunday Writing Prompts”New Arrivals”



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  1. I remember my daughter had to be fed every 15 minutes night and day for the first year! The doctor kept telling us she would soon develop a more regular sleeping/eating patterns. She chose to eat over sleeping to restore energy. I ended up being hospitalized for exhaustion Once she was able to sleep through the night at 3 though she was very good about bedtime. Even now at 11 she is still really good about bed time. It is so tough! But there are so many beautiful moments too =)

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