May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt —The tattoo man

Pixabay image by Brigitte Werner

For visually challenged writers, this is an image of a man who is part human and part machine. Behind him are gears and wires as well as a hint of fire or electricity.

Yay! It’s that time again, finally. Thank you to everyone who responded to March’s prompt (we skipped April due to my travels). Now, we’re heading in a new direction once again! Steampunk!

Above is May’s image. If interested, you have until May 23rd to submit a response. Happy Writing!

Here’s how it works:

On the first of every month, I’ll post a speculative fiction prompt from Pixabay. These images are attribution free so you can use them on your blog without worrying about copyright restrictions.

Getting a tattoo was what Jason had dreamed about since he was twelve. But his parents were so much against it. So he waited till he turned eighteen. Now he could do as he pleased. He enquired from his friends and also went on an internet search to find the best, but affordable place to get a tattoo. It had to be safe too, as by the time one turns eighteen, you do learn of the health hazards related to unsterilized needle use and sub-stander pigment.

Finally a couple of weeks after he turned an adult, he went to the most recommend place on the internet, to get his dream realized.

The place was not what he had imagined it to be. It appeared clean and hygienic, but the people he encountered there were giving him strange vibes. But as he had told everyone that he was going to get a tattoo, so putting aside his reservations, he stepped up to the person in charge and asked to see the tattooist.

He was taken to their inner sanctum and given a book, where he could select the tattoo he wanted. As he was a great fan of the comic character, Cyborg, he decided that the tattoo which made his arm look like part machine, part flesh would be fantastic.

The tattooist went to work and, boy! was it a painful and tedious process! Any way it took forever to get done and when he was told that it was over, it was quite late. His arm was pretty sore but since he was no longer a boy, he bore it with fortitude. At home, and yes he still lived with his parents, he didn’t show them the tattoo, thinking that in a few days when the swelling and redness will be gone, it would look really impressive and then he will show it to his parents and younger brother, Bruce.

It was during the night that things started to get weird. He woke up in the middle of the night and felt a strange pain in his right arm. When he touched it it felt hard and cold to touch. Now this was getting crazy. He stumbled from his bed and went to the bathroom to take a look at his arm.

The whole of the household was rudely shaken out of their sleep by Jason’s screaming. Looking in the mirror he was seeing not a tattoo on his arm but an actual Cyborg staring back at him.

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May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt



49 thoughts on “May Speculative Fiction #Writingprompt —The tattoo man

  1. Hi Sadje!
    I have a request for you or you can take it as a challenge. I am requesting you to write a short story of any genre on one of the following quotes by William Shakespeare –
    All that glitters is not gold
    Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none
    All the world’s a stage and all men and women merely players
    I have asked you for this because I think no one can write a short story with hints better than you. Please let me know what you think.

    Liked by 1 person

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