MLMM; Tale Weaver #221-Ritual May 2/19

Michael has given us this prompt;

Do you have anything in your life that you consider a ritual. For example do you follow a routine each day, that is part of the way you start or end your day?

Are there rituals in your life that you are part of? They could be religious and or cultural.

Or you could just tell a story in which you explore the concept of ritual.

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.

My daily walk;

As far as rituals go, this is not something written in stone. I am pretty flexible about it. But it must be a part of my day, about that I am pretty sure.

My daily walk….

Hot or cold, snow or rain, I try to fit in my daily walk during the day. I do try to have it done during the first half of the day, that is, till afternoon because I know from personal experience that the demon of laziness strikes as the day progresses. I can walk outside, on a track, or a road. A park or a green belt is always welcome but not essential. I just need to log in my step, any thing from 6000 to 10000. There are days when I will walk only 4500 steps and there have been days when I did more than 20000 steps( just two, but I did that!). If I cannot go outside, I walk indoors. The hallway, the corridor or in the rooms. I am very adaptable that way.

What happens if I don’t walk?

I feel lethargic and down. But the predominant feeling is of guilt. I feel that I have wasted a day, if I don’t do my daily walk. When I had a couple of fractured bones in my right foot, I couldn’t walk for a few weeks and that really made me realize how important this ritual has become for me. I haven’t lost much weight by walking, well I did initially but not since a long time. But there are a couple of advantages that I have gotten from my daily walk;

1. I feel very active and upbeat during and after my walk.

2. Most of my health numbers have shown an improvement after I have started walking.

3. I have something to say for myself when my family members criticize me for not looking after my health.

I think that as far as being health conscious goes, this is my one saving grace. That I am consistent about my daily ritual.

What are your daily rituals?

And how do you look after your self?

In response to;

Tale Weaver #221-Ritual

please share your thoughts and feedback in your comments.



30 thoughts on “MLMM; Tale Weaver #221-Ritual May 2/19

  1. Good for you! While reading this, I felt like such a lazy slug. You are such an inspiration and have given me an idea. Maybe, if when I first get up, I should go for my walk then. Get it out of the way, and maybe I wouldn’t feel so lethargic for the remainder of the day.
    More power to you! ๐Ÿค—

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  2. That’s a good ritual!

    The first thing I thought of when I saw “routine” is that I always let the dogs out after I wake up. Sometimes I’ll hang out with them before I do. When I bring them back in, that’s when my day starts. There’s never a day I don’t do that though cause I don’t want to clean up pee all around the house.

    But I think my ritual is more that I take a shower every morning. It helps me sit there for a moment and wake up. I’m more energized to get my day going and to get everything done afterwards. If I don’t shower in the morning, I feel weird and am usually more sleepy throughout the day.

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  3. Sounds like a wonderful ritual and one to keep. If it makes you feel better and stay fit, why not? I do think being outside in the sun and even doing 20 minutes has large benefits for anyoneโ€™s health. Many studies seem to indicate this too that your serotonin levels increase in a good way, your body gets more vitamin D, and your body is just more toned and able to handle life. Plus, I think if you ever want a nice treat, you donโ€™t feel bad about it b/c you know youโ€™ll walk it off. Great share

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